Without IELTS Study Visa Countries

Students thinking of applying for further Studies in Abroad and Many Different , there’s some good news for you. You can now do so without sitting for the IELTS!

There are, however, certain conditions you’d have to fulfill to be able to give the IELTS a miss.
The Abroad Qualifications Authority has put in place certain exemptions to IELTS by non-university tertiary education providers for international students whose first language is not English.As of now these exemptions are confined to 
Category 1 institutes that have their own ways of determining the proficiency in English of international students. The results of these tests, however, should be at par with those of the IELTS. Meaning, the testing procedures of these institutes should be of a quality as good as the international ones such as the IELTS.
Category 2 on wards all institutes are required to make IELTS scores admission criteria for students whose first language isn’t English.
As already mentioned, only Category 1 institutes can waive off IELTS scores for international students. If you are applying to a Category 1 institute and don’t have an IELTS score on you, you should begin by checking what the institute’s website says about proceeding without an IELTS score.If you have any query regarding without IELTS Study Aborad or any other question about Study Visa, Work Visa and PR through Best Immigration Consultant in Chandigarh, Punjab, India
The exact criteria for acceptance of applications without IELTS scores will differ from institute to institute but in general may include the following:
Proof that your education was carried out in English medium
Having studied in English medium all your academic life makes it very likely that your English language proficiency is good and this may stand you in good stead with Category 1 institutes if you don’t have an IELTS score to present.
Proof that you studied in English medium between Classes VIIIth and XIIth
It’s ideal to have studied in English language throughout your school years if you want an IELTS waiver, but if that is not the case the second best is to have attended high school and higher secondary school in English medium. That comes down to five years of English medium study — from class VIIIth to XIIth.
Undergo the institute’s own assessment
Category 1 institutes are required to assess international students’ proficiency in English language via their own tests. This could happen in person, electronically, or on the phone. If you convince your institute that you have a good understanding and command over the English language, they will likely waive the IELTS for you.
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