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The United States of America keep on leading its quality in the World University Rankings this year, with an aggregate of 154 US colleges incorporated into the positioning. The majority of the 10 top US colleges/universities point by point underneath are positioned inside the worldwide best 20. The universities listed below  are truly outstanding  in the world and can give you the best education in the world

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT is positioned first on the world, established in 1861 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private research college in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Institute is generally known for its exploration and instruction in the physical sciences and building, and all the more as of late in science, financial aspects, semantics, and administration also. Suggested TOEFL score for MIT is 100+ (iBT)

2. Harvard University

Ranked second on the world, established in 1636 Harvard University is a private Ivy League explore college in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It takes the best spot forever sciences and drug and setting joint second with the University of Cambridge for expressions and humanities. Prescribed TOEFL score for Harvard University is 100+ (iBT)

3. Stanford University

Ranked joint third in the world close by the University of Cambridge, Stanford University, authoritatively Leland Stanford Junior University, is a private research college in Stanford. Stanford University is known for its entrepreneurial character and business courses. It likewise comes next on the world for designing and innovation, after MIT. Its graduated class and staff have established numerous universally fruitful organizations, including Google, Yahoo!, Nike, Instagram, Tesla Motors and Space X. Suggested TOEFL score for Stanford University is 100 (iBT)

4. California Institute Of Technology (Caltech)

Ranked 5th in the world, the California Institute of Technology is a private doctorate-conceding college situated in Pasadena, California, United States. It is exceptionally regarded for its examination in science and building and holds its place as the eighth best college in the field of regular sciences this year. Prescribed TOEFL score for Caltech is 100 (iBT)

5. College of Chicago

The University of Chicago is ranked 10th in the world, founded in 1890, and is one of the world's driving and most compelling organizations of higher learning. The college's press is the biggest in the US and its graduated class incorporates 89 Nobel Prize champs. Chicago's material science division built up the world's first man-made, self-maintaining atomic response. Suggested TOEFL score for University of Chicago is 104 (iBT)

6. Princeton University 

Ranked 11th in the world, Princeton was set up in 1746 and is especially renowned in expressions of the human experience and humanities. The college has graduated numerous remarkable graduated class. It has been related with 41 Nobel laureates, 21 National Medal of Science champs and 14 Fields Medalists.

7. Yale University

Ranked 15th in the world, Princeton college was established in 1701, is the third-most established foundation of advanced education in the United States. Yale has graduated numerous outstanding graduated class, including five U.S. Presidents, 19 U.S. Incomparable Court Justices, and 13 living billionaires. In 1861, Yale granted the primary Ph.D. in the United States. Suggested TOEFL score for Yale University is 100 (iBT)

8. Johns Hopkins University

Ranked 16th in the world this year, established in 1876, Johns Hopkins University was the principal explore college in the US and is seen especially positively for its courses in the personnel of life sciences and pharmaceutical. Through the span of right around 140 years, thirty-six Nobel laureates have been subsidiary with Johns Hopkins. Prescribed TOEFL score for Johns Hopkins University is 100 (iBT)

9. Cornell University 

It is ranked 17th in the world this year, established in 1865, Cornell University is an American private Ivy League and government arrives concede doctoral college situated in Ithaca, New York. Cornell granted the world's first degree in reporting and was the first among US colleges to offer a noteworthy in American Studies. Cornell tallies in excess of 245,000 living graduated class, and its previous and present workforce and graduated class incorporates 34 Marshall Scholars, 29 Rhodes Scholars, 29 Truman Scholars, 7 Gates Scholars, 54 Nobel laureates, and 14 living tycoons. Suggested TOEFL score for Cornell University is 100 (iBT)

10. College of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is ranked 18th in the world and was established by one of the US's establishing fathers, Benjamin Franklin. College of Pennsylvania checks 30 Nobel laureates, 25 tycoons and three the United States Supreme Court judges in their graduated class list. Prescribed TOEFL score for the University of Pennsylvania is 76 (iBT).
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